Friday, July 22, 2011

Good Old Family Game Night!

I challenge my kids to a whine for wine contest. This is an attempt to wean their whines or get me drunk and happy, whichever comes first.

Read on - you may find you want to set up a similar game in your own home.

The twins are 5 and while their crying has reduced considerably, the whining seems to be at a new extreme. Give the wrong answer and immediately there's an irritating response that includes holding each of the vowels for 24 hours.

The two year old learns from his brothers. He thinks it is appropriate to bang his fist on their chest when they steal his blanket. And, it is possible, that he thinks whining is part of normal conversation. Despite my repeated "I can't hear you when you whine!"

Clearly, they don't hear me! Probably because I am not whining. I tried that a few times, you know. I whined my requests to them to see if it annoyed them to hear it as much as it does me. They laughed. Hard. They told me to stop talking like that. But, nope, it didn't stop them from using a horribly similar tone.

So, I am on to a new plan. A whine for wine challenge. The perfect family game night competition. If they whine, I get a glass. If it continues long enough I may increase the ante to one bottle per whine, but we will start light. The way I figure it is, I win. NO MATTER WHAT! They will either stop that horrendous noise so that their mommy doesn't become a stumbling, word slurring drunkard or I will be passed out from far too many bottles of Cabarnet.

Like I said, either way, I win.