Saturday, July 23, 2011

And, How is your Morning?

It's 6:15 AM. It might as well be 4am. Oh yes, that's right, a crying toddler had me up then too. It's muggy and HOT and humid outside compounding my need to tuck my head beneath the covers and return to sleep. It's also a plan free Saturday so there is no need to get up.
So, why is my whole house awake?
My two year old decided to call for me first. I tried to ignore him. He is smart enough to figure out I AM NOT COMING and therefore he should go back to sleep. Right? But, he doesn’t stop and his sugary sweet toddler voice calling "mommy" is enough to make my eyes pop out of my head. Kill me with cuteness, Smiles.
I went in to get him and assumed we would lie together in bed and go back to sleep, a sweet mommy-son moment that I won’t be allowed to mention when he is a teenager. But, that didn’t happen. His happy eyes and his charming smile and his overall cuteness….are you kidding? I guess I am up at this g-d-forsaken hour.

MacGyver was next. He climbed into bed with us and proceeded to fight with his brother over Smiles' blanket. Smiles covets his baybay and refuses to share and is screaming (I am pretty sure any talking at this hour is considered a scream) "my baybay no touch" and MacGyver is trying to convince him to share by stealing that blanket from him all together. “It’s tickly and I like it,” he shouts. And the pillow over my head does not drown him out. So, with one eye open and a sort of ribbit to my voice, I try to work out a compromise that ends with “and then we all go back to sleep!” This results in ear piercing screams and fisted punches. Clearly, I am no help. It’s too early!!

Then comes Clinton who doesn’t want to be up either but also does not want to miss one minute of fighting between his brothers and he shuffles on in bringing along all of the bottled energy of two 5 year olds and a toddler.

Now, Smiles is repetitively telling me that he has “pyuck” in his diaper and even though I have told him to wait he won’t shut up. Let’s not pretend he has never sat in a dirty diaper before. Come on kid, I don’t change diapers before the rooster gets up!!

In between all of this Smiles is blowing his harmonica. He is actually pretty good and at most moments of the day I enjoy the music (and wonder if there is such a thing as a harmonica prodigy). But, now, at this hour it is like nails down a chalkboard and I am one second away from grabbing the plastic instrument and crushing it with my bionic fists. Lucky for him I am too tired to move.