Monday, July 18, 2011


This blog was a long time coming. As many things are, it was conceived over cocktails. Cocktails that led to dream revelations. More cocktails that led to blanket confessions. And, still, more cocktails that mixed the dreams and the confessions into a fancy martini glass.

Even after the conception it still took time. Time to build, time to nurture, time to prepare. Dotting I's and crossing T's only to realize that there will always be another comma to add or a typo to fix.

So, we decided to do it. Finally. We decided to GET IT UP!!

And, here we are. Pens in hand, keyboards at fingers, ready. Ready to confess. Ready to write. Ready to welcome each of you into our worlds, our journeys. Ready to GET IT UP.

So, who are we? Each of us a frantic writer scratching notes on napkins or in blackberry memos. Each of us desiring a place to express our well-written thoughts. Each of us a mom, a wife, a daughter, a sister and a friend. We each do the best we can to honor these titles with a decent amount of pride and only a small of amount of humiliation.

We change loaded diapers, wipe boogers with our hands, clean vomit even if it makes us vomit, get the dirt out of fingernails, and sacrifice our bikini bodies. We endure persistent nagging, tolerate being unheard, suffer the drama of in-laws, and bear the weight and the guilt of anything and everything that ever goes wrong. Yes, that is exactly what we signed up for!

We have learned that in living the dream there is a whole lot of crap to be cleaned up!

Grab a cup of coffee (spike it with some Kahlua if you so wish) and read along with us, laugh along with us, as we laugh at ourselves and this thing we call life!