Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Before I had kids, the bathroom was just a bathroom.  Plain and simple.   Since having children; however, it has a whole new meaning.  These days, my bathroom is the perfect place to hide from my kids.

My kids are very into "privacy" and tend to kick J and I out of the bathroom to do their thing discreetly.  This has come in very handy for me.  Lately, my favorite thing to do is proclaim my need for privacy and lock myself in the bathroom for a mini-vacation.  Everything that I need to do in there can be done in a matter of minutes, but I've learned to take my time, steal those precious extra minutes of alone time. Like I said, my bathroom, to me, is my vacation. I can't tell you how often I need to go “brush my teeth” for 10 minutes or pee for 15 minutes.  Bring the old phone in there with me and play a little Words With Friends, check Facebook, update my status, "in the bathroom, hiding from my family."

Without fail, every single time I am in the bathroom, someone comes along and jiggles the knob.  It's usually Diva, screaming outside the door, “Let me in!!!” but it is still vacation for me, since she can't get in.

Or, Dude comes along and also tries the knob. “How are you still peeing? You've been in there a long time!” Thanks, buddy. If you must know the truth, I'm not actually peeing, I'm in here hiding from You!  And YOUR SISTER!

The ten minutes here, ten minutes there, throughout the day, recharges my batteries.  It gives me a chance to take a deep breath and regain my sanity, which I am always on the edge of losing.  Some people travel to an island resort.  They sit on the beach and are soothed by the ocean waves.  I just go to the bathroom.  Because I am just that classy.