Friday, September 16, 2011

I Deserve a Cash Bonus!

There are very many accomplished people in this world. Doctors, lawyers, CEO's, published writers, inventors...I could go on.

I have friends, and family, all who are very accomplished. I find it admirable, respectable, enviable even. Sometimes I wish my resumé was, well, I wish I even had a resumé.

I have set my bar much lower. Especially these days! I was never much of pole vaulter, nor much of a flexible limbo-er, so I have set my bar at a level that I can crawl under. Or better, slither under like a snake without coming even close to the bar.

Monday I had a very accomplished day. I say this proudly knowing that WOHM's, executives, people with an actual job, may laugh at me. I hear their snicker.

Monday, with one kid home sick and a toddler on the loose, I did 7 loads of laundry and put 4 of them away in their proper drawers and closets. Let me repeat that. SEVEN loads of laundry. I made 2 very important phone calls. I dosed out medicine, accurately, every four hours. Speaking of medicine, what exactly happens to Benadryl when it is expired by more years than my children are old? This is what I thought about when, during my PHd earning day, I cleaned out our medicine cabinet (and made a huge trash bag.) I got dinner prepared, ordered Clinton's new green shoes, and even played with my sons.

Seriously, this was a monumental day. I did all of that and my house was still standing when the sun set. I never even dropped anything or misplaced something valuable nor did I ask my kids to fend for themselves while playing in traffic. I deserve some sort of reward!

A cash bonus, perhaps.