Friday, September 9, 2011

Waste of Time

Everything takes me soooo long to do. I seriously can't deal with going anywhere if I have Mr. Sensitive and Baby Blue with me.

Today it took me 25 minutes to get out of the car and go into Walgreens.  I pull up and Baby Blue is sound asleep (he has an ear infection, too).  So I grab a cart and put Mr. Sensitive in the front seat. He's still in his PJs because he REFUSED to get dressed. I wasn't in the mood to hold him down and dress him so I figured fuck it... I'm going to the drug store with a kid in pajamas. Yes... I am now that mom.

Okay... lets get back on track.  I put Mr. Sensitive in the front seat. Next, it's time to assemble the stroller. I didn't want to wake Baby Blue so I figured I'd do the "push cart pull stroller" move.  Then, I attempt to carefully unbuckle Baby Blue from his carseat and place him in the stroller without waking my little light sleeper. I pick him up and start to gag because of his vile smell.  (You know what those antibiotics can do)!  Now I have to change his diaper, and he's up anyway at this point. Oh Well! So I change him... and lucky me... I had to change his outfit too. All this is happening while Mr. Sensitive is sitting in the front seat of the cart flipping through the pages of the Walgreens circular.

After all this, Baby Blue DOES NOT want to be in the stroller. So I strap him on in the Baby Bjorn. Ugh, now to disassemble the stroller and put that away.

 I'm almost there!

I go to grab my bag and lock the doors. Oh Shit!!! I left my fucking diaper bag (and wallet) at home!