Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Real Shitty Day

Today was one of the shittiest days of my life. And when I say "shitty," I mean it... LITERALLY!

I had Baby Blue with me as I was meeting with my friend for work (as far as I'm concerned, only men get to work without children). Very deep in conversation, I picked up the crawling toddler to re-direct him to another area of the room. Then I scratched my eye and cheek. "Ugh," I thought as I felt something slimy on my face. I thought I must have gotten Baby Blue's snot on my finger and rubbed it on my face.  So I look at my hand as I'm about to grab a tissue.

 OMG!!!!! It wasn't snot! My left forefinger was covered in feces and corn kernels (guess what we had for dinner last night?)  I actually wiped my 11 month old son's yellow diarrhea all over my face!

Besides all the obvious of the grossness of this situation, my friend now is beginning to gag. With a low tolerance of foul smells and a massive gag reflex... she sprinted out of the room (but did get me a plastic bag for this unsightly garbage).

Cleaned up and ready to go... i had to hurry home. Shit was literally ALL OVER ME! My shirt and jeans were disgusting.

"Cmon," you must be thinking,   " you have 3 kids.  Aren't you used to baby poop by now?"

Yes I am... but not on my face! This was seriously an all-time low.

And to make matters worse, Mr. Sensitive, who is now potty-trained, has a pooping problem.  He won't do it in the potty! Usually I catch him when he has that look in his eye and the vein in his forehead is about to burst... but not today. Three freakin' times he pooped in his pants TODAY!

One of the times he actually pooped and peed (while sleeping) in his carseat. I don't have another seat cover and had to run the kids to Lashes' gymnastics class, so I put a maxi-pad on the carseat to try to absorb the pee. Resourceful huh?

So you think you had a real shitty day.... tell me about it!