Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Extreme(ly Depressing) Makeover

Something horrifying and unexpected happened the other day. 

I was staring at myself in the mirror, noticing how tired I looked and I wondered what I could do to spruce up my appearance. It occurred to me that maybe the solution was actually very easy: change my part.  Something so simple can really make a person look like they have a whole new look.  So, I grabbed a comb and parted my hair on the other side.  There!  Done! 

I looked at my reflection and gasped.

A whole new person, indeed!  There, exposed for all the world to see (well, actually, just me, I guess, since I was alone in the bathroom) were about 6 gray hairs.  Maybe 7.  Who knew they were hiding under there?  It was very disheartening to make such a discovery.

As quickly as I could, I put my normal part back in my hair and vowed to never make such a mistake again.  Unfortunately, I can no longer live in ignorance.  I know they are there, even if I can't see them.  Today I peeked to make sure I didn't imagine it and, of course, they were still there.  I blame thisOr thisOr probably this

I suppose it doesn't matter what caused it.  They are here to stay and there's no doubt that more will follow. 

***Does anyone actually believe that pulling out a gray hair will cause two more to grow back?***