Monday, May 7, 2012

Bottle-Feeding Moms, This One's For You!

Hey, bottle-feeding mamas, let's make a pact to stop feeling guilty about it, ok?

I bottle-fed my babies. And I don't feel guilty about it. At all.

When Dude was born, I thought I would try to nurse, but my heart was never in it.  I tried for 2 miserable days and I knew that it was not for me. I felt a strange combination of relief and guilt, upon making the decision to switch to bottles.  But, the guilt had nothing to do with me or Dude. I felt guilty because I was afraid that I was letting the lactation consultants down.

I find that when I ask someone if they are planning to nurse or did nurse their babies, the non-nursers usually offer up many excuses as to why they decided to bottle-feed. As if they are apologizing for something. I can't recall a time that I heard a breast-feeding mom make excuses as to why they made their decision, so what is it that we are apologizing for?

Stop apologizing! Stop feeling guilty! You are a wonderful mother no matter how you decide to feed your babies.

Not long ago, someone sent in a confession about how they tend to judge those who bottle feed. It was so bizarre to me. Why would anybody care how someone chose to feed their child?  As in Wendy's post about the wars between SAHMs and working moms and my Christmas tree post, there is a common theme: we are all way to caught up in other people's lives.  So, once again, let's all just mind our own effing business, shall we?  You want to stay home with your kid, great! We can all agree that your job is hard.  You go into an office? Well, your job is hard, too. You are Jewish with a Christmas tree? Rock on!   You want to be all Alicia Silverstone-ish and chew up your food and spit it into your baby's mouth?  Gross, but whatevs. Doesn't change my life. You want to breastfeed? Hooray! Have a great time! You want to bottle-feed?  Mazel tov. Let's all stop being so caught up in what everyone else does. K?

Sorry I got a little off topic, but this fires me up. Point is, your babies are awesome, bottle-feeders. Don't feel guilty. You are just doing what is best for you, your child and your situation. And if someone judges you for it, that is their problem. Next time you are asked if your nurse your baby?  Don't make excuses. Don't sound apologetic. Just be confident in your decision. Your boobies are your business.
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